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Rat Exterminator Caledon. If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers rat free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure rats are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for Rat Exterminator Caledon services.

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Rats, when you think of them you usually imagine them running around in sewers and in drains. Not a very pretty picture to paint when you first think of rats. That’s why it’s hard to imagine these filthy animals in your home or businesses. Rats have built quite a reputation for themselves as being unclean and dirty. Business owners sure don’t want to be associated with these vermin as any hint of their presence can drive customers away in droves and can badly damage the reputation of the brand for a long time. Effective rat eradication is needed to get rid of them from your property for good. Pest Control Caledon can help you with that. 

We remove rats quickly and effectively, but most importantly discreetly so nobody knows about the work we perform. Our technicians are seasoned experts that have been in the field for years and know like no other what it takes to eradicate rats completely. 

We at Rat Control Caledon provide you with the safest, quickest, most affordable and most reliable extermination treatment solution to get rid of these nasty pests. Call us for Rat Exterminator Caledon at 647-559-3443.

Our licensed exterminators will conduct an inspection to determine the extent and level of the infestation. They discuss their findings and work out a plan to eradicate the rats down to the last one. We then seal and proof the area so that another infestation is out of the question.

Call us today and our licensed and trained professionals will soon be at your doorstep with a guaranteed solution.

Rat Infestations and the Challenges they Pose

If you notice rats on or around your property it is best to let a professional know as soon as possible since they can cause a lot of damage in a very short time. Not to mention that rats can multiply at a very fast rate. 

Rats can carry a lot of diseases and are able to transfer viruses through their bacteria. Rats roam around a lot of filthy places and can easily contaminate every surface or food they come in touch with which can lead to serious illnesses. To avoid all of the problems that come with rats it’s best to expel them from your property for good

Rats are very agile creatures that can slip through very tight holes and structural gaps. Rats shy away from humans and stay concealed in dark hard-to-reach places in and on the property. It is not until people smell an off-putting stench that they then realize that it was a decomposing.


Types of Rats

Roof Rat vs Norway Rat

The Roof Rat and the Norway Rat are one of the most common species we treat in and around the Caledon area. These two rats are quite opposites when it comes to their behavior and preference. Therefore specialized knowledge is needed to effectively remove them for good. You may know these rats as brown and black rats. Truth to be told, is that thei color of their fur can differ a lot so  color wouldn’t be the best way to identify them with. Roof Rats, as the name might imply, prefer heights over staying low. These types of rats can often be found in elevated areas in the property. Since they are excellent climbers they have no problem at all getting to the attic area or other areas of the house. 

Norway Rats on the other side are the opposite. These rats prefer the ground and often sneak into spaces that are on the ground floor. They are also much larger and bulkier in size compared to the roof rat. Norway rats often enter garage doors and hide deep inside the garage to avoid human detection. They can even squeeze through holes and structural gaps. For the average property owner removing these two types of rats will be very difficult since they conceal themselves in hard-to-reach places. For this, the help and assistance of Rat Exterminator Caledon is required.

To find out if you have a rodent infestation, it is usually a good idea to look for signs of occupation. Finding a chewed object is one sure way to know that you are dealing with a rodent. Finding droppings and urine on and around the property is another red flag that shows that you’re dealing with rodents. While the droppings of a Norway rat and a Roof rat can differ, some clues about their size might make the identification process a little bit easier. 

Norway rat droppings are much larger in comparison to the Roof rat droppings whose size is much smaller. The Norway rat droppings’ edges are much sharper compared to the somewhat blunt edges of the Roof rat droppings. Even though identifying these dropping can help you figure out what type of rat you are dealing with, it is better left to the professional to quickly and effectively eradicate these vermin. In-store products have little to no effect because of their limited amount of potency. Licensed technicians like our own at Pest Control Caledon are licensed by Health Canada to handle and purchase formulations that are truly potent and therefore takes care of the rat problem in no time!


The Main Differences Between Rats And Mice

Differences Between Rats And Mice

Rats act on caution and try to avoid human contact as much as possible. They are quite domineering in nature and are very destructive. Compare this to the average house mouse who likes to spend its time indoors. Mice on the other hand are quite the explorers and will investigate anything new. This goes without saying that it is still careful when it decides to move. Mice prefer to eat cereal, grains, nuts, and berries. They will look for materials such as shredded paper or cardboard around the house to make and build its nest with. Seeing shredded material is a clear sign that you are dealing with an infestation. The rat is much larger than the tiny house mouse and will actually attack when it feels the need to do so. That is why, when you see a rat, make sure to stay away from it. Mice are active from dusk till dawn and are classified as nocturnal creatures. Even though virtually blind, mice have an excellent sense of smell and hearing to make up for the lack of sight. It would not be considered odd if you do see a mouse roaming around in the day because of the abundance of food. One clear indication of rat presence is to see droppings which are a more oblong shape and is much bigger in size than mice droppings which are usually the size of a grain of rice. Because rats prefer to stay outdoors, burrows can be sighted outside around the yard.

What Attracts Rats To Your Yard And Home

There might be several causes as to why rats and mice are attracted to your yard. One of the main reasons is often that rats and mice seek shelter from the harsh environment that Ontario has to offer throughout the region. By being in a warm and comfortable place, rats and mice can find the opportunity to breed and to build nests in peace, with the source of food a few meters away. This combination makes it likely for rats and mice to build nests in your home and to give birth to several offspring which can go on for generations. The availability of water also seems to be a determining factor. Leaky pipes or moisture built up elsewhere on the property can be a good way to quench the rodents’ thirst. The diet of the rat is more based on availability than it is on preference. They are known to consume feces, eat from dumpsters, and our trash cans. What might be trash for you can be considered a multi-course feast for the rat. To make matters even worse is that rats and mice are known to be carriers of several diseases such as salmonellosis, leptospirosissis, and tularemia and being the cause of the infamous plague, just to give you an idea what they have in store.

Do It Yourself Rat Control: You Need A Professional Rat Exterminator Caledon Service

When people find out that they have a rat presence in their home, their first instinct is to go to the hardware store and try to resolve the problem on their own by buying all sorts of generic or branded products such as repellants, traps, and baits. Unsure of what to expect, they place the bait and apply the repellants around the home and wait. Few days pass by and they see result thinking that takes care of the problem in its entirety. Without even realizing it, a few dozen other rats may be in hiding. Being determined, you come back with not just one, but several traps, baits, or repellants, or even all three. This goes on and on until you have exhausted all options (including exhausting yourself). This is why the experts of Exterminator Caledon need to get involved. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained experts in their field who have helped numerous families and businesses rid their properties of pests by offering long-term and viable solutions so that another infestation is out of the question. Our experts have the most advanced and up-to-date formulations and tools at their disposal to make rats a thing of the past. Our technicians are able to solve cases with a multitude of solutions and can adapt their strategy regardless of the extent of the situation. We offer our neighbors to seal up any entry-point that we come across during our inspection so that rats won’t be able to find a way in anymore. With years of experience, we can guarantee you a complete rat-free life. Call us now and let us explain how we can help you.

Rat Extermination Process


rat inspection caledon

To determine and find out where the rats enter and exit the property, we conduct a comprehensive exterior inspection. We look for holes, cracks, crevices, vents, and structural gaps around the perimeter of the premises. We then report our findings with photographic evidence and offer recommendations. This creates transparency and understanding between the property owner and the technician throughout the process.


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After the inspection, we will discuss our next step in the extermination process. Depending on the situation and need of the treatment, we will strategically place tamper-proof bait traps and rodenticide in and around the property to yield maximum results. Tamper-proof bait traps cannot be accessed by children and pets. Keys are needed for this that only the technician can open.


rodent exclusion Caledon

Once rat activity has ceased, our technician will then move on to the exclusion processes. This includes sealing up of entry-points. We look for holes, cracks, crevices, vents, and structural gaps and other points of entry that seem prone to intrusion and seal them with the help of galvanized steel mesh. 

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Rat Exterminator Caledon

When rats enter your property it is almost guaranteed that you will never find them since they stay far away from any human contact and avoid detection actively. The best solution is to hire a licensed experienced professional that knows all the ins and outs of rat extermination. Our experts at Rat Control Caledon use effective and time-tested methods to bring you viable long-term solutions 

We seek out every entry-point around the premises and come back with a full detailed report. We strategically place snap-traps and tamper-proof bait stations in and around the property to get the highest yield possible. Children and pets cannot access the tamper-proof bait stations since it’s locked with a key that only the technician has access to. We will come back for a second visit and confirm the results. Once that is done, we seal and proof all the entry-points to avoid any future infestations. 

Call us at 647-559-3443 and speak to our technician who will provide you with the best solution to your rodent dilemmas.