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Ant infestations are a common problem in most houses and can be resolved with the help of professional extermination treatments. Ants mainly roam around in search for food and water. When they find an abundance of it in any place, they start an infestation. Ants build their nest close to the availability of food and water. Ants are always ruled by a queen. The worker ants are only responsible for bringing food and water to the nest. While the female ants take care of the queen’s offspring. It is only when the queen is removed that the colony disintegrates.

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Ant Facts


Before proceeding with the extermination treatment, we need to decipher the type of ants invading your home, garden or office. This is important as we can then proceed with the specific type of treatment. Ants are often seen around food. Once the ants find food, they lead the rest of the group towards that location. You will mostly see ants in your kitchen area, as there is food and water in abundance. Ants in your garden are mainly there because their colony is set up in your garden and because they have access to remains of other larger insects that they can feed on.

Ants, even though they may not be known to cause any serious disease or illness, are known to be dangerous for their bites. An ant bite can turn into a minor rash, a swelling or an infection. You would not want your family or employees harmed by these pests.

The Carpenter Ant is the type of ant that feeds on wood. These ants are mainly found in places where there is a lot of wooden furniture. They build their nest in trees or in furniture as well. If you have ants ruining your office furniture, you know it’s the carpenter kind. Pavement Ants, as they name suggests, are mainly found on pavements. They build their nest along curbs and go foraging for food and water to the nearest homes. The most common ants found in most homes are the Pharaoh Ants. These ants are red and black in color and they build their nest in the walls of your house.


Types of Ants

Across the Caledon region and the Greater Toronto Area we come across a lot of different species which all require a unique approach. These ants are the Carpenter Ant, Imported Odorous Ant, Pavement Ant, and the Imported Fire Ant. These ants are seen as a nuisance that invade and bother many residents in and around the region that have deal with them.

Carpenter Ants 

Carpenter ants, despite what many people think, do not actually eat the wood, but, in fact, tunnel intricate galleries, thereby damaging the structural integrity of the property as time passes. Carpenter ant damage can be recognized by finding, what is known as ‘frass’. Frass looks like fine wood dust and can be found directly under an entry-point that the carpenter ants carved out. Carpenter ants, typically, prefer damp wood, but their satellite colony often sets out for the drier parts of the home. Once in a while when you are dealing with a full-blown infestation, you might see carpenter ants exploring and scavenging for food outside of the colony.

Odorous Ants 

Odorous ants owe their name to the fact when stepped on, they release a  rotten smell. They measure about 1.5mm to 3mm in length. These ants prefer sweet foods and feed on dead insects as well. They can be either black or brown. Outdoors they build their nests under debris, stones, logs, or even use soil. Their population can expand to 100,000 in a single colony. 

Red Imported Fire Ants 

Red imported fire ants are feared for their painful sting and keep most invaders and curious people away. These ants usually come in a dark red or a brown-shaded color and measure about 3 to 9mm in length. Most fire ants are found outdoors, but there are some exceptions to it as some forage for food indoors.

Pavement ants measure around 3mm in length and can be dark brown to black. Pavement ant colonies can have a population of 3000-4000 ants. There are several queens in a colony. The areas beneath slabs of pavements are a preference. Their diet consists of insects, seeds, honeydew, and honey. Indoors can feed on whatever is available, such as nuts, cheeses. and meats.

Pharaoh Ants

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Pavement Ants

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Citronella Ants


Carpenter Ants



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Why Hire a Professional Ant Exterminator?

The majority of us that find ants in their home or business do probably nothing about it and leave the situation as it is. Unknowingly, this gives ants the perfect opportunity to expand their nesting area and increase their population in no time. Not until the infestation becomes more noticeable, we then decide to take action with the help of store-bought ant repellants, traps, baits, and home remedies found on the internet. After continuously setting traps and bait stations all around the premises we sooner or later realize that taking the DIY approach is a lost battle. Hiring a professional ant exterminator is a guaranteed way to rid your property of ants once and for all at a fair price. Not only are you ridding your house from ants for good, but our technicians also proof and seal entry-points that might be at risk of another break-in. Professionals use their technical expertise to successfully bring any infestation to an end in the same way that they have been doing for countless other families and businesses for years. It is a sure way of guaranteeing that you do not have to deal with another infestation ever again  in the future. When you hire the experts from Pest Control Caledon, you know you will be taken care of. Contact us now to find out how we can help you live your life ant-free!