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Bed Bug Exterminator Caledon. If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers bed bug free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure bed bugs are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for Bed Bug Exterminator Caledon services.

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Bed bugs only feed on the blood of their hosts and their bites can cause a lot of irritation. These pests are most active during the night hours as they suck blood while their host is asleep. Bed bugs multiply quickly, so even before you know it and can act upon it, you have a full-fledged infestation. Bed bugs travel through luggage and even on people’s clothing. They are easily transferred to new places as they easily conceal themselves on their host.

Bed bugs are usually found in places that are accessed by multiple people. Places like hotels are a main source for bed bugs. Once these blood-sucking pests gain an entry into your home or office, it doesn’t take too long for them to breed and multiply.

We at Bed Bug Control Caledon are equipped with the most powerful, reliable and affordable bed bug treatment solutions that guarantee a complete riddance of these pests. Call us at 647-559-3443 and book an appointment today.

Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are known to hide mainly in and around your bed and bedding. They conceal themselves in the seams of mattresses so that they can quickly come out at night to suck the blood of their host. Bed bugs are most active at night and it gets difficult to catch them in the dark as they scurry away quickly. Hence, you need to call in extermination experts to deal with getting rid of these pests.

Bed bugs tend to shed their skin when they grow from juveniles to adults. These skin sheds are very obvious to the eye and this is a clear indication of a bed bug infestation. Another indication would be the sighting of the actual pest. If you notice bugs in your bed and on your furniture or behind wall hangings, you know you have an obvious infestation.

The presence of bugs can be rather annoying in commercial settings too. Bed bug bites can be very distracting and your employees may not be able to perform as efficiently as they normally would. There is also the constant fear of them carrying home a few of these bugs and starting a whole new infestation at home too. Bed bugs, if sighted in your office by clients, will not create a very good impression about the hygiene at your workplace. You will surely need to get these pests out and keep them out!


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Bed Bug Signs

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Bed Bug bites might be the most obvious sign of a bed bug infestation, but even bed bug bites might be hard to tell apart from mosquito bites. Bed bugs might leave certain clues behind along the way that might indicate that you are indeed dealing with an infestation. Small blood stains or dark brown stains on mattresses, sheets, pillows, and clothes are probably the most visible signs. The staining is from blood and excrement left by crushed bed bugs. dropping, shed skin, and eggshells may also be uncovered in their favorite hiding spots, specifically in the seams found in all mattresses. In serious cases, bed bugs emit an unpleasant, musty smell created by their scent glands.

Bed bugs feed entirely on blood and are nocturnal. Their bites resemble mosquito bites. Often, they’re painless and result in small red, itchy bumps on exposed skin. Many people are often unaware that they’ve been bitten and do not find any bites for as long as nine days. If you suspect that you are dealing with bed bugs call us to arrange a bed bug inspection and a bed bug extermination by Exterminator Caledon.

Bed Bug Information

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Bed bugs go to their host for their blood meal 5 to 10 days to feed themselves. They like to stay close to the host and frequent places where humans sleep or relax the most. They can mostly be found between the seams of the mattress or on couches quietly tucked away till it is time to strike when humans are sound asleep. Bed Bugs do this as discreetly as possible and leave immediately when they are done using an ‘escape route’ It is interesting to note that bed bugs, even though, come in direct contact with the bloodstream do not transmit any known diseases or viruses. However the psychological toll from having insects suck the blood out of you can be an unpleasant lingering thought that can lead to many sleepless nights.


Why are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

As far as the transfer of viruses and diseases are concerned, the bed bug poses no threat to the overall health. Even though the bed bug is in direct contact with the bloodstream the only negative outcome is that the presence of bed bugs might cause allergic reactions to the skin and cause rashes. It might trigger allergic reactions for those who have asthma. Dealing with bed bugs can be very tiring both mentally and physically. Waking up to bumps and irritation is not the best way to get out of bed and start your day. Bed Bugs can be virtually everywhere where you don’t want them to be because bed bugs hang out in places where humans are the most present. This non-stop disturbance can affect people mentally and can lead to a lack of sleep until the problem is not fully resolved. This can plague people many days after the extermination because of what they went through during the ordeal. 

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Bed Bug Extermination

At Pest Control Caledon we offer a comprehensive bed bug treatment that eliminates bed bugs completely inside the property. Our seasoned experts have multiple years of experience in the complete eradication of bed bugs across Caledon and neighboring cities. Our technicians are licensed, trained, and experienced to deal with any level of infestation easily. The technicians at Pest Control Caledon can tailor and adapt their treatment strategy with flexibility and are happy to accommodate your needs. The formulations that we employ during our extermination process are environmentally-friendly and safe to use around others. Before we begin the treatment, we might ask you to bag and stow away items for a quick and efficient treatment. If you have any questions regarding our process feel free to give us a call, and we’ll explain you our process.


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At Pest Control Caledon we stand behind our safe and efficient treatments that have been consistently successful time and time again. When we set foot on your property our attention immediately goes to finding an effective and long-lasting solution. After all, we are here to help you declare your house bed bug-free. When you meet one of our technicians, be assured that you’re meeting an expert in the field with years of experience in bringing infestations to a successful end. Our technicians have gone through extensive training and are licensed professionals that have the profound knowledge to deal with any situation that comes their way. We have been helping families and businesses across the Caledon region and beyond to send pests packing. Will you be next?