How to Locate a Dead Rodent in Walls

How to Locate a Dead Rodent in Walls

When a rodent dies, they most expire on your home’s attic or wall. This may lead to unbearable odor inside the house, presence of flies in the home and hordes of other health risks. In an indoor setting, the specific location of a dead rodent can be noticed by the intensity of odor. If the smell is stronger in the heat of the day, there is a possibility that the animal is located in a place other than the basement. Depending on the reason for death, rodents will mostly run around looking for water or may head to their nests for comfort. Here are proven methods on how to locate a dead rodent in walls.

· Try narrowing down the odor to a specific room. You won’t find it tricky doing this because the smell will be strongest in that particular area. Even when the flow of air is not very strong, you should be able to know the specific room where the carcass is located.

· If your house is elevated, you may do some crawling under to check for dead raccoon, opossum or stray cat.

· Consider crawling in the attic that’s just above the smelling room. You should also move back and forth sniffing all the way. You can also consider digging in the insulation, just in-case a rat died there.

· If the dead rodent is in the wall, you can position your nose directly on the wall until you hit the epicenter of the stench. After you have chosen a specific area, you can cut a hole on the wall which will enable you remove the dead rodent.

· After you have found the carcass, you need to wear rubber gloves, working cartridges and respirators. This is due to the potential health risks which dead rodents may pose.

· Make sure that you spray the area with a powerful cleaner. There are many choices of awesome cleaners in the market, but enzyme based cleaners are the best. If there are any live maggots in there, it’s vital that you remove them.

· Bury or incinerate the carcass. However, you can put it away with your regular trash if it’s rat, mouse or squirrel.

After getting rid of the carcass, there is a possibility of the unsettling scent to linger for several days. Improving your natural ventilation can help hasten the rate at which the odor dissipates. Using electric fan and opening windows may be quite helpful. Using disinfectants and fresheners can assist in eliminating smells.

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