How to Kill Bed bugs With Baking Powder

How to Kill Bed bugs With Baking Powder

Bed bugs are some of the most irritating pests in the house, especially in our sleeping areas. Homes infested with bed bugs make human survival unbearable. A majority of households consider using the harmful and toxic chemicals to get rid of these disturbing insects. Other than the toxic chemicals, there are other less toxic substances that homeowners can use to eradicate bedbug infestation in their bedroom or the entire house. Some compound, though less effective compared to chemical pesticides, they have no side effects and are friendly to handle. The baking powder, for example, is a harmless compound that will help you eradicate bedbug from your house. It kills bugs through desiccation or rather drying out the insects. In this article, I will provide a step by step guide on how to control bedbugs with baking powder. A simple way of eradicating bed bugs infestation in your bedroom.

#1. Do a thorough search in the entire house to find out all the spots and living places of the insects. Check in cracks and crevices using a flashlight if the room is dark

#2. Remove all the unwanted materials from the area in question. Note that bed bugs and other most insects shelter in clutter. Therefore, remove all the clutters and treat them from outside. Avoid transferring the clutters to another room within the house as this will spread the bed bugs to other rooms.

#3. Put the right amount of baking soda into a bowl. Take a paintbrush and dip it into the bowl. Using the paintbrush, spread a light layer of the baking powder on the crevices and cracks where you suspect the insects are hiding. Spread the baking powder using the paintbrush in the mattress and the bed spring. Also, ensure to cover the entire surface of the mattress and the frame as they are safe hideouts for the bed bugs.

#4. After applying the baking powder on your bedding and the whole bedroom, now move to other areas that you suspect are breeding or hiding places for these insects. Typically, bedbug infestation is centered around the sleeping rooms but in some cases it may spread to other areas. Repeat the treatment after several days. Note that bugs are difficult to eradicate with the first treatment even with the most toxic chemicals. You, therefore, need to reapply the baking soda several times for food results.

The infestation of bedbug in the sleeping room is common a problem to most households. The above simple procedure will help to make your bedroom comfortable for your family.

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