How to Kill Bed bugs in Upholstered Furniture

How to Kill Bed Bugs in Upholstered Furniture

In this era of worldwide travel, it should come as no surprise that bed bugs are everywhere, and making headlines in the process. The truth is that bed bugs can get into your home attached to virtually anything. Making matters worse is that you would probably never know it until it’s too late, and you find them in your home. Unfortunately, when bed bugs get into your upholstered furniture, they are significantly more difficult to control. Getting rid of bed bugs is a process of persistence and attention to detail, but putting the steps that follow into practice is a great start.

Vacuum everything. When it comes time for your upholstered furniture, use your most detailed attachments. And make sure you reach all of the crevices and make sure that you have reached every crack with the finest attachments that you have.

Empty your vacuum immediately. Empty your vacuum outside. If it has a bag, seal it and take it outside to the garbage. When you bring your vacuum inside, make sure that no bugs remain inside the canister.

Dry pillows. If your upholstered furniture has small pillows, put them into your dryer and run them on “hot” for about 20 to 30 minutes. This will kill bugs as well as their eggs. If you have pillows that are larger and won’t fit into the dryer, take those to the dry cleaners. Bag your pillows and make sure the establishment is aware that they are infested. Some will not take them, but others will.

Steam clean your upholstered furniture. Make sure the steam reaches a temperature of at least 125 degrees so you can make sure it’s effective. Once you’re done, check your furniture again in a week or so to make sure you got everything. If you still find bugs, steam clean again.

Fill wood cracks. Bed bugs love to hide, especially when they are threatened. If you find cracks in the wood of your furniture, make sure to fill them with putty or a similar substance to make sure they don’t come back.

Call for help. If these steps are not successful, call your local pest control company in caledon for help.

Getting rid of bed bugs can be tough, but it’s a great feeling when you finally do. If you bring new furniture into your home, check it thoroughly to make sure you are not bringing unwelcome guests inside. Also make sure that you keep checking your home. Once they’re gone doesn’t mean they won’t come back.