Mice Control Caledon

Rodent infestations are one of the worst kinds of infestations you could encounter. The reason being that mice not only eat the food in your kitchen, but also cause a good deal of property damage and contamination. Mice carry many diseases and having a mice infestation at home or in your office could lead to some serious health threats.

The presence of mice or rats in your office could portray a very poor image on your clientele. Before you even reach that stage, you need to get professional help to rid your property of this infestation.

We at Mice Control Caledon provide you with the safest, quickest, most affordable and most reliable extermination treatment solution to get rid of these nasty pests. Call us at 647-559-3443.

Our licensed exterminators will inspect the level and extent of infestation, block all the access points that the mice use to enter and exit your home and carry out the extermination treatment that is guaranteed to eradicate every mouse or rat, down to the last one.

Mice Infestations and the Challenges They Pose

If you notice a mice infestation on or around your property, it is best to alert professional pest control agents to exterminate these pests as they could cause physical property damage and also pose as a threat to the health of your family and employees.

Mice carry infections through the bacteria on their bodies. These bacteria fall into the food while the mice are foraging around the kitchen. This contaminated food may unknowingly be consumed by humans residing on the property, leading to some serious illnesses. To avoid all of this it is best to have them out of your home for good.

Mice are very flexible and can squeeze through tiny holes and cracks in your walls, flooring or roof. It is very difficult to catch these nasty creatures, as they are very quick to escape. Mice live in dark and concealed places so it gets almost impossible to catch them.

Mice Extermination

Even though you may not see more than a couple of mice scurrying around the house, there is a possibility that there are hundreds more in hiding. Mice are most active during the nighttime when it’s dark and devoid of any human danger. So you will never really be able to tell the actual count of the infestation on your property.

Our staff at Mice Control Caledon is trained and licensed to locate all of the hideouts that these mice build in your home. Once located, we seal these lairs to avoid any future infestation. We use safe and reliable rodenticides to get rid of such an infestation.

Call us at 647-559-3443 and speak to our technician who will provide you with the best solution to your rodent dilemmas.