How to Safely Clean Up Mice Droppings

If you have ever had a mice infestation, then you clearly understand how messy these little rodents can be. Apart from their trail of destruction, mice are known to be carriers of potentially harmful bacteria and diseases which you should be able to avoid by getting rid of mice as quickly as possible. However, even as you get rid of mice, it is also good to eliminate their droppings since they are a source of foul smell and dangerous diseases including salmonella to Hantavirus.

In normal cases, mice infestation leaves behind the mess of urine, droppings and saliva and these can be found in hidden areas including cupboards, under appliances, inside the couches and wardrobes among others. Once you get rid of mice, the next step should be to clean their droppings and this should be done carefully especially because the virus contained therein is airborne especially when disturbed. To reduce the chances on the virus transmission, it is good to carry out the cleaning process carefully and meticulously without stirring up the harmful dust which could harm you and those in the house. Below is a guide on how to safely clean up mice droppings for a clean and healthy home or environment:

How to Safely Clean Up Mice Droppings

  • To begin the process, make sure that the room you are cleaning is sufficiently aired by opening windows and doors for approximately half an hour. This will help the room to be properly ventilated. You should stay away from the room during this time.
  • Put on safety equipment while doing the cleanup. You should have a full-face respirator or disposable dust mask and vinyl or rubber gloves. These will protect you from inhaling the dust during the cleanup process.
  • Do not be tempted to vacuum or sweep the mice droppings as this will cause the hazardous particles to become airborne thus increasing the risk in inhaling.
  • Soak the infected area carefully using commercial grade disinfectant. You can also use bleach and water mixed in a ratio of 1:10 respectively.
  • Use a paper towel to wipe the mice nests and droppings, dispose them in a properly sealed plastic bag, and then place the bag in a container or garbage collection bin.
  • Once you are through removing the rodent urine and droppings, disinfect the space and items that had been contaminated.
  • Finish by mopping the floor using bleach or disinfectant. You should also clean the upholstery and any clothes that might have come into contact with the droppings. This will get rid of any elements that might be holding on to these items.
  • Once you are through, remove the gloves, mask and dispose of them together with the towel in a sealable plastic bag and put them in your garbage collection bin. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water.

It is important to seek for professional cleaning services if the mice infestation is heavy and located in tricky places such as your HVAC system.

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