How to Safely Clean Up Mice Droppings

If you have ever had a mice infestation, then you clearly understand how messy these little rodents can be. Apart from their trail of destruction, mice are known to be carriers of potentially harmful bacteria and diseases which you should be able to avoid by getting rid of mice as quickly as possible. However, even as you get rid of mice, it is also good to eliminate their droppings since they are a source of foul smell and dangerous diseases including salmonella to Hantavirus.

In normal cases, mice infestation leaves behind the mess of urine, droppings and saliva and these can be found in hidden areas including cupboards, under appliances, inside the couches and wardrobes among others. Once you get rid of mice, the next step should be to clean their droppings and this should be done carefully especially because the virus contained therein is airborne especially when disturbed. To reduce the chances on the virus transmission, it is good to carry out the cleaning process carefully and meticulously without stirring up the harmful dust which could harm you and those in the house. Below is a guide on how to safely clean up mice droppings for a clean and healthy home or environment: (more…)

How to Kill Bed bugs With Baking Powder

Bed bugs are some of the most irritating pests in the house, especially in our sleeping areas. Homes infested with bed bugs make human survival unbearable. A majority of households consider using the harmful and toxic chemicals to get rid of these disturbing insects. Other than the toxic chemicals, there are other less toxic substances that homeowners can use to eradicate bedbug infestation in their bedroom or the entire house. Some compound, though less effective compared to chemical pesticides, they have no side effects and are friendly to handle. The baking powder, for example, is a harmless compound that will help you eradicate bedbug from your house. It kills bugs through desiccation or rather drying out the insects. In this article, I will provide a step by step guide on how to control bedbugs with baking powder. A simple way of eradicating bed bugs infestation in your bedroom. (more…)

How to Locate a Dead Rodent in Walls

When a rodent dies, they most expire on your home’s attic or wall. This may lead to unbearable odor inside the house, presence of flies in the home and hordes of other health risks. In an indoor setting, the specific location of a dead rodent can be noticed by the intensity of odor. If the smell is stronger in the heat of the day, there is a possibility that the animal is located in a place other than the basement. Depending on the reason for death, rodents will mostly run around looking for water or may head to their nests for comfort. Here are proven methods on how to locate a dead rodent in walls. (more…)

How to Kill Bed bugs in Upholstered Furniture

In this era of worldwide travel, it should come as no surprise that bed bugs are everywhere, and making headlines in the process. The truth is that bed bugs can get into your home attached to virtually anything. Making matters worse is that you would probably never know it until it’s too late, and you find them in your home. Unfortunately, when bed bugs get into your upholstered furniture, they are significantly more difficult to control. Getting rid of bed bugs is a process of persistence and attention to detail, but putting the steps that follow into practice is a great start. (more…)

Common Household Items that Remove Cockroaches

If you have a roach problem, then you know that these bugs can be a real nuisance. The good news is that you can use household items that kill roaches to eliminate these creepy bugs. Most of these household items are non-toxic to pets and humans; however you may need to take safety precautions by donning gloves or masks when mixing some of the products. The best part of using common household items to get rid of cockroaches is that they are cheap and easy to make. (more…)